Start (April 12th)

Houston the tortoise has lift of

The start of LeJog at lands end britains most south westerly point, for 3pm the place was near deserted, (i think the wind speed had something to do with it).

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Lands end to Penzance (April 12th)

11 miles, windy with clouds and sun, dry.

Getting there.
0709 train from Newbury east to Reading and catch the 07:57 to Penzance, arrive 13:30, a pleasant enough journey with some actually very nice views along the coast.

Grab a take away cup of tea and onto the 1340 bus for Lands end, what a laugh for a bunch of strangers on an open top double decker in strong winds, though they didn’t want to try seagull catching (just a suggestion).

In the beginning.

Quick photo of the start post and every long journey should start with a single step except mine which was more of a stumble as one of those adorable puppies on a long piece of string tried to wrap him/her self around my ankles.

I suspect for the benefit of tourists there is the rumour of a man eating squid around lands end, this conjured up visions of people turning up in frog man outfits with spear guns to trap a trophy specimen, i can say i continued on my way unharmed and can honestly say i saw no man eating squid, though i did see a man eating chips.

Drifting on course down to sennen cove was easy and at last sit down at a table for pastie and coffee, that’s a pack of rest after 1 mile. Getting out of sennen was a steeper matter and soon had the body up to normal hiking temperature, navigation went well across country to carn brae and carn euny where some fine ancient stone arrangement was to be found.

Lost Me!

Then i let the side down by getting lax about navigation and wandered on for a while and then realised i was uncertain of position which seemed to worsen and so did my self opinion, eventually i found myself on the A30 with sign saying penzance 3 miles, i then redeemed the situation from this position fix to navigate to the youth hostel from where i am typing this. I have put today down as 11 miles as per my designated route, the true distance covered will remain an embarrassing unknown. (hope that is lesson learnt).

It’s been a long eventful day and now time for bed.
Met some wild life along the way.

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Rinsey head

Wheal prosper

Wheal Prosper Mine opened in about 1860 and seems to have been less than  prosperous. The  engine house has a mixed construction of granite and slate,  largely from small quarries on the clifftops nearby. Rinsey Mine as it is also known only worked until 1866 producing mainly tin with a little copper from the three main shafts. The protective covering over it’s shafts has been constructed to allow bats entry into the old workings as a roost.

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Stithians reservoir (April 13th)

What a marvelous day

The reservoir is considered a top place for bird watchers, it’s location no doubt attracting many migrants for a rest.

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Penzance-Stithians (April 13th)

First off all now in an internet cafe, no images in this post as they were lost at the tourist information wi fi intermittent connection, hopefully some have made it to the fliker account.

Miles probably over 20, cool easterly breeze, some cloud plenty of sun.

Full marks to staff at Penzance youth hostel, as they had the full breakfast ready for me at 0730 despite there being nobody else apparently up.
Head out at 0800 to a stiff chilly easterly but soon got warmed up, not long before excellent views of St Michael’s mount and along the coast path, came across a man hiking the coast path with his dog (apparently last week he met the Canadian beer tester!).

Totem pole between Penzance and Marazion.



I don’t wish to live in the past but sometimes it appears to have had more style, Penzance is somewhat famous for the opera pirates of penzance, when ever modern pirates (east african) appear in the news it looks like they forgot to visit the fancy dress shop. (guess they are not fashion conscious).

View of St Michael’s mount.



Really good having company for a bit as another chap had joined him, on reaching Praa sands we stopped for tea and it was warm enough to just shirt level, they went looking for a hat while i carried on and turned north east before Helston taking foot paths, bridleways and small roads, quite soon i passed a post office and bought 1/2 litre of water which turned out to be a good move as many villages along the way had no services, in fact the roads were amazingly quiet which suited me, north of Helston is old railway route which i was tempted to take north of Nancegollan.

Old mine at Nancegollan

 I turned right instead hoping for a shop in Porkellis, there wasn’t one so i headed up west edge of Stithians reservoir as i knew there was a pub there from earlier web search.
This was a bit pricey but a good pot of tea and they gave information about shop in Stithians, this maybe useful knowledge to others taking this route (Stithians has a early to late SPAR store, and a chip shop), so load with goodies for overnight and about an hour before dark i found a secluded field to pitch my tent and have a brew.

Plenty of interesting sights along the way.

Yes i wobbled a bit of course at times, but i can say this was a perfect day overall.

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Stithians to Truro (April 14th)

Overcast with only occasional sight of sun, heavy dew.

In the night i heard scuffling noises (which may have been a badger or imagination) and while trying to open tent got the weather strip caught in the zip about 1/3 open, to say this is a problem would be an understatement and to matter of fumbling in the dark would resolve the problem. (many expletives later it is my fault and damned annoying).

Anyway up as the birds started their dawn chourus and make coffee to accompany cold meat sandwiches, then gradually pack kit away, i had no idea of time as i haven’t bothered wearing a watch, headed to Bissoe then connected with cycle route 3 to Truro, this was mostly very quiet very narrow lanes, walked into Truro and spotted a cafe for the full breakfast and asked the time 0945, ge i wonder what time i was up.

Ye Olde sign post.

Not good success with wi fi at tourist information but this connection seems fine, i’m going to head towards Idless wood and hopefully find a quiet grassy area where i can unwrap the tent and attempt to resolve the problem in daylight, i suppose in the end it’s not the end of the world and if it leaks i will have to B and B on wet nights.

As many have reported the past miles have been a constant up/down, left/right in all combinations continuously but it’s not to bad and the countryside reminds me of my farming youth (even got to say morning sheep) and remember the beauty of helping deliver lambs for those struggling, when it comes to the upslopes i find if i can just keep moving then my calf muscles give a little cheer as the top flattens out and gravities effect lessens.

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Truro to Indian queens (April 14th)

Marvelous (not), on leaving Truro i used map compass and logic to find my way to the footpath under viaduct leading to Idless wood, it had closed sign, fenced of and men working on it, so it seems one way or another i end up of course each day. Anyway a few streets west i found a road going the right direction.
Idless wood was very pleasant and again i came across a patch of mud which contained little dog foot prints, am i tracking a little dog or is it the beast of bodmin leading me on.

Fungi in Idless wood.

The tent is serviceable, cutting a bit of weather flap away from zip and using rather to much force to get it open i will at least be able to close 2/3 of way.

Went a bit of track to photograph part of a huge wind farm, had to do an illegal hop over fence that saved me walking on the A30 at all, at Summercourt just as i walked into village i heard jingle jangle like an ice cream van but better than that it was a mobile fish and chip van (heaven).

For the last four miles of the day i had been looking for likely camp spot, but none appeared and i was getting cold and feeling run down thinking if nothing else i would have to pitch at gnome world which didn’t sound to attractive and probably expensive patch of grass.

As i passed the chinese takeaway in Indian queens there was a brown sign for B and B so i though i would enquire, 25 pounds for a night decision was easy. soon in my room a quick couple of teas while i unloaded my kid, removing socks showed my heels were pink and hot, the socks i decided were beyond re-use. It was around 8 as i laid back on the bed to enjoy sundown out of the window, next time i looked at the bedside clock it said 4 am, so that is another day.

Carony Bed and Breakfast

Moorland road Indian queens

Telephone (01726860741), Mobile (07796893428).


I can only recommend to other travelers on this route.

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